Deb Mayhew Named BCSD Employee of the Quarter

Deb Mayhew Named BCSD Employee of the Quarter

Nov 04, 2016


Congratulations to the Bettendorf Community School District Employees of the 1st Quarter: Ginger France, Deb Mayhew and Sharon Woodworth. The Employee of the Quarter award recognizes district employees that inspire exceptional service and attitude. Recipients also demonstrate a commitment to their job or school involvement that goes above and beyond expectations.


Media Paraeducator
Herbert Hoover Elementary

Ginger always goes above and beyond to make sure that the needs of all staff and students are met. She comes in early and stays late. She is willing to drop whatever she is doing to go help teachers and staff with tech issues so that they can do their job well. She volunteers to be on school committees. She works on her own time to improve her professional skills and improve her ability to work with our library circulation program. She is very creative and challenges the students in a positive way. Most of all, Ginger always puts the students first in everything that she does.


Edison Academy

Deb is a very giving person who always has a smile, positive attitude and an amazing abundance of energy. She’s known for being friendly and cheerful. She is extremely compassionate and conscientious. Each day, Deb comes to work ready to dive in. She knows what needs to be done and gets things completed even before being asked. The students and staff all love her.


Bettendorf High School

Sharon has an infectious spirit. She is energetic, positive and supportive of staff and students alike. In her role, Sharon supports students with special needs and serves as a tremendous asset in supporting teachers to provide the students their best. In addition to her care and support of students and staff, Sharon has tremendous pride in Bettendorf High School. The video she co-created featuring the school and students is a great showcase of that pride. It’s very meaningful and inspirational to the school community.

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